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  • Can I update ili?

    Yes, you can. Download the app from our website for free from here, then connect your ili to your computer. You will be able to update your ili when we release any updates by connecting to the app.
    **We will announce when there are any updates.

  • Can I use ili for my business?

    As of now, ili is best suited for travel phrases (such as shopping, restaurants, making reservations, getting a haircut, and so on). It's not suited for business communication and negotiations. Please visit here for more details.

    What ili is not meant for:
  • How long of a sentence can ili translate?

    ili is one-phrase translation device. If you speak long sentence, it does not work. Please see the example below.

  • How long does the battery last?

    After about 3 hours of charging, the battery will last for 3 days of regular usage.

  • How do I know if the translation is correct or not?

    You can use the voice recognition play back function button to check the input English phrase. If the input English is correct, then the translation is also correct.

  • What's the difference between ili and other translation apps?

    1. ili is Wi-Fi free
    Many other translation apps require a Wi-Fi connection and in order for you to use it offline, you'd need enough memory on your phone to download each language. ili on the other hand, is Wi-Fi free and can be used instantly.

    2. ili's design is optimized for communication.
    Since ili uses directional microphones, it only catches your voice. Most smartphones catch noise from other surroundings which may cause errors. For more details, please visit here.

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Wearable Translator

ili Translator

Price $199 + shipping

Size 4.8"L x 1.3"W x .5"H

Weight 42g

Included items USB cable, neck strap

Battery Charge time 3 hours

Battery life 3 days