ili’s First launch event in Tokyo and open enrollment applications for businesses!

We are absolutely humbled by the reception and success of our First launch event “Unveiled” in Tokyo on 1/31. This is also where we announced the service we offer for businesses starting from June 2017.

Presentation by CEO at the first launch event

Our CEO Takuro Yoshida got to share the story behind ili for the very first time. He presented the concept of ili, how this idea came to fruition, ili’s specialty and technology.

Video of presentation by CEO Takuro Yoshida (in Japanese)

User trial

For a better introduction to ili, we offered user trials to guests at our event- many who work in the tourism industry and media. This was the first public look, hand-held experience and trial use in Japan! Language barriers have been a longstanding issue between international tourists and the tourism industry but these guests saw ili as a game changer in their customer service for international guests.

Video of people trying out ili.

The story of how ili will change tourism in Hawaii - Loco girl reports on ili’s official announcement event!

“ili for Guests” - A service for businesses -

“ili for Guests” is a service for travel-related businesses whose patrons are tourists.

Travel-related businesses such as Hotels, transportation, amusement parks, rent-a-car companies are perfect examples of companies that can rent out our devices to their guests. Renting ili to guests’ may make their travel more comfortable and convenient as well as exciting!

3 features of the service

“ili for Guests” has 3 services that will optimize customer satisfaction and help identify your business needs.


Add proper nouns that are frequently used in your interactions to the translation library. For example, include the names of shops so that guests can find a specific store in a shopping facility.


You can use the dedicated software to switch the input/output languages between English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Log system

You can search the log data for frequently used words to understand your customers’ needs and requests.

For more details, please visit our “ili for Guests” website:

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